Sleep Mode ends abruptly in Windows 11

Windows is removing two apps and you have to look for alternatives

Windows includes various apps that allows the user perform basic day-to-day tasks directly. Some of these applications are extremely basic, but they are more than enough for the action they allow. Since they are Windows native apps, they can be simply removed or modified by an update. That’s what’s happening with two apps that Windows is removing soon.

The new changes announced by Microsoft are related to the Windows Mail app and the calendar management. The app has a designed based on Windows 10 and it’s not fitting the new Windows 11 interface. It’s a matter of time before Microsoft changes its design. The modification didn’t arrive immediately with Windows 11 because it was a drastic design change and Microsoft delayed the update.

Windows removing apps for Mail and calendar management

Windows removing apps for Mail and calendar management

The Windows Mail application not only deals with e-mail tasks but also with the calendar management since Windows 10 original design. The applications will change with the update in September 2024. The new interface will be similar to the new Windows 11 style, featuring light tones and resembling the Outlook version in Microsoft 365. The new update will only affect the Mail app in Windows 11. If you still use Windows 10 you won’t have any modification.

Right now, the Mail and Calendar apps are available on Microsoft Store. You can download and install them with no issues. However, Windows is removing the two apps and you won’t be able to download them anymore from the official Microsoft Store. In Windows 10 you won’t be able to reinstall them so be careful.

The new version will have the same functions with a new interface design. You will be able to use it with any mail account, making no difference with Outlook. Gmail, Yahoo! or iCloud. Windows 10 is excluded from the update because the new packages are only for security purposes. The Windows 10 update service is ending in 2025 when the operating system reaches 10 years since market release. The Windows 10 market launch was different in some countries so the support may be extended to some users in specific countries.

Outlook as the all-in-on mail app

Once Mail and Calendar stop working on Windows 11, the users who want to centralize management of these two features within one program may have to use other software. The best option for us will likely end up being Outlook. The Microsoft app added support for Gmail and other webmail services and it also includes synchronization and management of calendar details.

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