Enhance security with Google Drive

Improve Google Drive security with these tricks

Google Drive is one of the most popular and reliable cloud storage platforms nowadays. You can use it to host content of all kinds and share it with friends and family. If you want to improve Google Drive security features you should take the tips of this list into account. You can use Google Drive to enhance your privacy and security measures. Make the most out of the platform following these recommendations.

When you are browsing the Internet or visiting websites, you probably face some security issues. The main risk is to get infected with a virus or to have your passwords stolen. The antivirus is a common barrier but it’s not always enough and then you can start using Google Drive as a possible ally.

Google Drive with enhance security measures.

How to use Google Drive to enhance security

The cloud storage platform from Google can be used as an additional layer of security for your computer. You don’t need to rely solely on this service, but combine it with other security strategies. The most important tasks to perform regularly include updating every service, using official programs and installing a good antivirus on your computer.

Tips for using public computers

If you need to use public computer you can enter Google Drive to perform tasks without worries. You can store your files and documents on the cloud and then open them directly from Internet. That way you don’t have to connect your USB drive into another device. This approach lets you log into your Google Drive account and open the files directly from the cloud. It’s very common for public computers to be infected with several virus that move to your computer through USB drives.

Analyzing files

Google Drive security features include an antivirus scan. Even though it doesn’t replace a regular antivirus, it’s capable of detecting threats. You can upload suspicious files and let Drive scan them to find a virus.

In case it detects a threat you will receive a notification. It’s the best tool to prevent viruses that can compromise the security of all your devices or equipment where you store content.

Avoid third-party USB drives

Another trick to enhance security through Google Drive is sharing files with no USB drives. You can upload the documents to the cloud and share the link in order to avoid any physical connection to your computer. It’s important to correctly manage the permissions as well as avoid exposing your files to anyone. You can customize the permissions to limit who can download the files you upload.

Protecting files with Google Drive security

Another reason to use Google Drive for security is that you can protect your files in case of any issue. For instance, if your computer is victim of a ransomware attack you can lose all your data. By creating backups using Google Drive you can always restore access to your data. It’s true that you can create physical backups on hard drives but cloud backups can by located on any device.

The Google Drive uses as security barrier are interesting. You can prevent your devices from getting infected as well as avoid viruses or lose important documents. If you set Google Drive correctly you can make the most out of the cloud storage tool from Google.

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