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Upcoming Mac displays with greater functionality and integrated processor

  • Apple is developing new Mac displays that could have a built-in processor to increase their functionality independent of a Mac.
  • These Mac smart displays are expected to have additional features that work even when the computer is in hibernation or turned off, turning them into smart home displays with a low power mode.
  • Future models of Apple’s AirPods will switch from Lightning cables to USB-C for charging, and will add health-related features like a hearing test and the ability to measure body temperature.

According to the latest reports, Apple is preparing new Mac monitor models, including updates to its Studio Display and Pro Display XDR.

Some of these new monitors could have an integrated processor that would increase their functionality independently of a Mac. This innovation would allow the monitors to take over some of the processing load of the system to which they are connected.

The smart display would use a chip from an iPhone, similar to the one used in the current Studio Display.

While not many details have been revealed about these new displays, they are expected to have additional features that work even when your Mac is in hibernation or turned off. This would turn the monitor into a smart home display with a low power mode.

Possible features based on iPhone 14 technology

It is speculated that the monitor could take advantage of the always-on display technology of the iPhone 14. This technology allows the latest models of smartphones and Apple Watch to display basic information such as the time and wallpaper, even when they are asleep.

This is achieved by setting an extremely low brightness and refresh rate, which saves power. Although the exact features of the new Mac smart display have not been revealed, the mention of a low power mode indicates possible adoption of this technology.

Expected changes to AirPods

It is also interesting to mention the latest news of the AirPods. Apple is expected to replace Lightning cables with the USB-C standard to charge headphones, as we already announced on islaBit.

Also, upcoming AirPods models will be connected to the Vision Pro AR headphones, expanding their capabilities.

Apple has plans to add health features to AirPods. These include a hearing test to detect hearing problems, the ability to measure the user’s body temperature through the ear canals, and the ability to use AirPods as hearing aids.

However, according to Gurman, these new AirPods models are not expected to be released in the near future, based on the release patterns of previous generations.

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