iPhone 14 Pro features to save battery

How to save battery with an iPhone 14 Always-on Display

The new iPhone 14 Pro arrived with new features and characteristics. It’s not only the 48 MP camera but also the new Dynamic Island and the function Always-on Display. This kind of feature has been present in Android for nearly 10 years, but now you can use it in a device from Apple.

The Always-on Display features tends to consume battery very quickly. However, there are some tricks and tips to save autonomy for your mobile device. Take into account that an Always-on Display maintains the block screen always turned on. You can use this feature to read notifications, date and time instantly.

How to save battery in the iPhone 14 Pro

How to reduce battery consumption in iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro has an adaptive OLED screen that reduces refresh rate to 1 Hz, but there are also other tricks for a better battery. The iPhone developers claim that the Always-on Display doesn’t consume much energy. To exemplify the claim they activated an iPhone 14 Pro function and it only came down from 100% to 94%. The most important tricks to save battery while using Always-on Device include:

Turn on the Dark Lock  Screen

One of the criticisms about iPhone 14 Pro Always-on Display is the brightness. You can save some battery by selecting the Dark Lock Screen. The steps are the following:

  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Open Options in the Do not disturb section.
  • Activate the dim the lock screen mode.
  • Use red colors

Another good alternative to save battery in iPhone 14 Pro is to set a background with red color predominating. The red color needs less brightness than blue or white, the most feared colors for battery draining. The objective of color settings is to set a customized concentration space on your phone. You can change colors, put a black background with red interface.

Always-on Display also turns of in certain moments

There are some moments when iPhone 14 Pro detects that the screen doesn’t need to show any content. Then, the display turns off automatically to save battery. The moments when Always-on Display mode turns off are:

  • When the iPhone is upside down.
  • If the Do not disturb mode is ON.
  • With the telephone connected to CarPlay.
  • The Save Battery mode is turned ON.
  • If the iPhone is on your pocket or bag.
  • If you distance too far from a synched Apple Watch.

Try these tricks to save battery and make the most of Always-on Display in your iPhone 14 Pro device. It’s a great opportunity to customize your mobile phone.

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