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Controversy in San Francisco over Twitter’s rebranding with the ‘X’ logo

  • X is facing uproar in San Francisco due to the installation of its logo as part of its rebranding process.
  • Local residents file complaints and complaints about the lack of permits and security concerns about the structure of the logo.
  • The authorities take action and issue fines to the owner of the building that houses the X headquarters for the illegal installation of the logo.

In San Francisco, the famous social networking platform, X (yes, I say X because we need to start dropping the old Twitter name), has caused a stir after installing a gigantic logo with a striking “X” on its campus.

This imposing structure is part of the company’s rebranding process, but has drawn complaints from nearby residents due to its intense lighting and glare.

Logo X in San Francisco: Complaints on social networks and lack of permits

Social networks have become the battlefield for complaints from local inhabitants.

Anis Jerbi, among others, have expressed their discontent. The “X” logo has sparked anger among residents, who have filed 24 complaints with the city due to lack of building permits and concerns about its structural safety.

Interestingly, X reportedly denied access to inspectors seeking to examine the ceiling where the logo was located, arguing that it was a “temporary illuminated sign for an event“.

This refusal has fueled suspicions about the true intentions behind the exhibit and has raised serious questions about the company’s compliance with building regulations.

Measures taken by the authorities

In response to numerous complaints and X’s denial of access, the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection and City Planning has taken action.

They have issued a violation notice to the owner of the building that houses X’s headquarters, holding him responsible for the illegal installation of the “X” logo. As a result, fines have been imposed on the owner to cover the costs of building permits, both for the installation and subsequent removal of the logo, as well as expenses incurred during the inspection and investigation processes.

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Lessons learned and corporate social responsibility

This controversy highlights the importance of respecting regulations and permits before carrying out architectural projects, even if they are temporary.

In addition, it makes it clear that the actions of large companies such as X must be in line with the norms established by local authorities to maintain harmony with the community that surrounds them.

The social media giant, now known as “X,” is at a crossroads in its rebranding process as it deals with the fallout from this incident. Although it is a sign of its evolution and growth, it is also a reminder that even the most powerful companies have to play by the rules and care about their impact on society.

Undoubtedly, this case will serve as a lesson for other companies to take into account the importance of compliance and social responsibility in their future projects.

The “X” era has already begun, but not without a jarring note on its way to the future!

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