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Amazon Clinic is coming to every state in the US! Virtual and affordable medical care from the comfort of your home

  • Amazon Clinic revolutionizes healthcare with its platform of virtual medical services for more than 30 common health conditions.
  • Amazon Clinic’s expansion offers “video visits” in every US state and message-based consultations in 34 states, providing convenient care 24 hours a day.
  • The platform allows patients to compare prices and response times, eliminating the need for prior appointments and insurance, making virtual healthcare accessible and affordable.

In November 2022, Amazon changed the landscape of healthcare with the launch of the Amazon Clinic, a platform designed to facilitate access to virtual medical services for more than 30 common health conditions.

Now, exciting news! Amazon is bringing its innovative healthcare platform to all 50 US states and Washington DC, providing an accessible and convenient solution to the healthcare needs of millions of people.

Connecting patients with licensed physicians

Amazon Clinic acts as an intermediary to connect patients with properly licensed physicians trained to provide virtual healthcare.

Through partnerships with leading telehealth providers like Wheel, SteadyMD, Curai Health, and Hello Alpha, Amazon ensures the best possible care from the comfort of home.

“Video visits” and message-based inquiries across the United States. The highlight of the Amazon Clinic expansion is the addition of “video visits” in every US state, allowing face-to-face interaction between patients and doctors. Additionally, message-based inquiries are available in 34 states, allowing for smooth and secure communication through the platform.

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Easy and flexible access 24/7. Accessing these services is easy; 24 hours a day, patients can access the platform through the Amazon website or mobile app, giving them the flexibility to schedule their care at their convenience.

Ease of use and informed decision making. The platform allows users to compare the response times and prices offered by various groups of telehealth providers, allowing them to make informed decisions before selecting their preferred provider.

Removing obstacles: No prior appointments or health insurance

Regardless of the patient’s location, they can access virtual health services through messages or video calls without worrying about appointment availability.

Although Amazon Clinic does not currently accept insurance, they have added an option to help patients pay for prescription drugs through the service, providing a comprehensive approach to health care.

Affordable prices for virtual medical care. In terms of costs, Amazon Clinic operates under a flexible model in which each telehealth provider sets its own prices for different treatments. Based on current data, message-based visits average $35, while video visits cost $75. These affordable prices make virtual healthcare accessible to a wide range of people.

Amazon Clinic’s mission

“As a physician, I have seen firsthand that patients want to be healthy, but lack the time, tools, or resources to manage their care effectively.”

Said Dr. Nworah Ayogu, Amazon Clinic’s Chief Medical Officer and General Manager.

Dr. Ayogu’s statement highlights Amazon Clinic’s core mission, which is to provide choice, convenience, and continuity of care to customers when it comes to their health.

Amazon’s commitment to healthcare. The expansion of Amazon Clinic is a testament to Amazon’s continued efforts to make inroads into the healthcare sector. In recent years, the tech giant has made a number of acquisitions and invested in innovative technologies to improve people’s healthcare and well-being.

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