How to subscribe to Google Play Pass

Say goodbye to ads and use high-quality apps with Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is a subscription system launched in 2020 in Spain and other Europe countries. It is Android alternative to Apple Arcade and you can get it for free as a three months reward using Play Points. The Google Play Pass includes more than 1000 games and apps, it removes in-app purchases and ads and lets you play without restrictions of any kind.

The Google Play Pass price is 4,99 € per month or 29,99 € a year. It’s a very complete subscription service for those who use Android devices. Many of the games included in Play Pass are priced higher than the subscription itself, so you can win your money back in just a few seconds. However, you need to remember that the games don’t belong to you. The moment you drop the subscription you will lose access.

The Google Play Pass list of apps

The benefits of Google Play Pass

For example, instead of buying Final Fantasy VII for 9,99 € you can pay the Google Play subscription for two months. You will spend 9,98 € but you will be able to win the game in two months and try more than 1000 more apps.

Another benefit is that you can share a subscription with a family group up to five people. Google doesn’t care at all like Netflix and other streaming services. Wheter the family members live in the same house or on opposite ends of the planet.

Gaming with no ads or purchases

Using Google Play Pass subscription you can forget about ads and in-app purchases. Neither of those features will appear in the games and apps you download using the subscription. It’s a nice reminder of past times when mobile games didn’t abuse of these methods of monetization.

Thanks to Play Pass you have hours and hours of games in the best enjoyable form, with no bothers every time you complete a level. You won’t be tempted to progress faster either. The Google Play Pass catalog is very interesting. You can find console-like games, offline games and classic titles. When you subscribe a new tab appears in the Google Play Store. It’s located in the subscription catalog and it’s conveniently organized through categories and the new additions tab.

Look for the apps to

Even when compared to Apple Arcade, the Google Play Pass incorporates more features. You can find games and apps, because not everything is for fun. The Play Pass apps include very popular tols like Camera Zoom FX, Moon+ Reader Pro, Web Video Cast and others. Some of the apps are free and others are paid. You can use all of them for as long as you’re subscribed.

If you take into account that only a few apps let you remove ads even after payment, the Google Play Pass is a great opportunity to enjoy games and apps without interruptions. For its cost, it’s a great alternative to try. And if you have enough Play Points you can even try it for free.

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