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X lifts the ban on political ads: How will this change affect?

  • Platform “X” changes its position by allowing political ads after years of ban, with the aim of promoting free expression.
  • “X” will establish strict rules to prevent false content and ensure transparency in political advertising, including the creation of a global transparency center.
  • The decision could revitalize “X’s” advertising business after recent declines, affect the 2024 elections and pose challenges in implementing the new policies.

The social network that had previously categorically banned political ads has made a radical change in its position. The company behind Elon Musk, formerly known as Twitter but now rebranded as X, has completely lifted its long-standing ban on political ads, once again allowing political advertisers of various stripes to participate.

In a recent update, X explained in a statement that this decision is based on his commitment to free expression, marking a drastic change from his previous approach. This change could have significant repercussions in the realm of politics and online advertising.

Specific policies and commitment to transparency

The company has committed to implementing specific policies for paid promoted political ads.

These policies will include strict rules prohibiting the promotion of false or misleading information, as well as any content intended to undermine public confidence in the electoral processes.

Aiming to increase transparency, “X” also plans to establish a “global advertising transparency center” that will allow users to track political ads on the platform.

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This change is surprising, given that “X” originally banned political ads in 2019 under the premise that the political message should be obtained through merit rather than purchase, according to then-CEO Jack Dorsey.

However, earlier this year, the company began easing these restrictions by allowing “cause-based” ads, arguing that it was necessary to stimulate public dialogue on crucial issues.

Consequences in the 2024 elections and the online advertising business

Although “X” has not fully detailed what types of political ads will be allowed, this change in stance could have significant implications in the upcoming 2024 elections.

The company is in the process of hiring specialized teams to monitor electoral and security policies, signaling its intention to combat manipulation, detect inauthentic accounts and be alert to possible emerging threats.

At the same time, because X has seen a 50 percent decline in advertising since Elon Musk’s acquisition the previous year.

Since mainstream advertisers have been avoiding the platform, political campaigns could serve as a lifeline for “X’s” advertising business, especially in the context of a crucial election.


Despite this change in policy, there are still uncertainties as to how “X” will implement these new rules and what categories of political ads will be allowed.

Although the company has yet to update its support pages to outline its advertising policies, it has mentioned that it is working to strike a balance between addressing harmful content and maintaining an open political debate.

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