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X introduces the function to hide your ‘Likes’, but only for users with paid subscriptions

  • X, formerly known as Twitter, allows users to hide their “Likes” through paid subscriptions.
  • With the new feature, users with paid subscriptions can keep their preferences private by hiding the “Like” tab, giving them a sense of control and freedom in their activity on the social network.
  • Elon Musk, the brain behind X, adds value to paid subscriptions by allowing users to “Like” without fear of public exposure, marking a bold step toward an era of more privacy-conscious social media.

As TechCrunch reports, the social network X, formerly known as Twitter and owned by technology magnate Elon Musk, has implemented a feature that allows users with paid subscriptions to hide their ‘Likes’, providing a higher level of privacy and control over their online activity.

This new feature comes shortly after its competitors Threads and Bluesky adopted this feature.

Profile customization and privacy control in X

Profile customization in X now includes an exclusive feature for paid subscription users, allowing them to hide the Likes tab.

According to the platform, “The Likes tab on your profile will only be visible to you. Your Likes timeline will also be hidden in the X APIs. However, your individual Likes will still be visible in the publications”.

This development has been received with enthusiasm, as it gives users the freedom to express their preferences without fear of public exposure.

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First steps to online identity protection

Earlier this month, X had already taken initial measures to protect identity online, by allowing subscribers to hide the verification mark in their profiles, a measure that is interpreted as an attempt to prevent uncomfortable situations, such as the viralization of inappropriate memes. However, the option to hide the ‘Like’ tab could be seen as a compromise, as the very action of hiding it could reveal the user’s paid subscription status.

The competition was already doing it. Threads offers its users the option to view their ‘Likes’ through the ‘Your Likes’ tab in Settings, thus maintaining a more private approach. At the same time, Bluesky has opted to make likes private on both its app and website, albeit with the possibility for apps using the Bluesky API to choose to display a likes tab. in the profiles.

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