The WiFi Ethernet option to reach further

Don’t use a repeater if you want your WiFi to reach further

One of the problems of daily life is having a slow Internet connection. It can cause limitations when streaming content on platforms like Netflix, as well as downloading files or using cloud services. If you want your WiFi to reach further and work fast, there are some alternatives that give you better results.

The WiFi repeater is not always the best solution and it can lead to several connectivity issues. The reason behind this is that the repeater needs to connect to the router. If you place it too far away, the signal loses strength and it will reach other devices further away even weaker. In this article we explore some other alternatives and how to use them throughout the home.

How to reach further your WiFi with a Mesh system

Install Ethernet cable for WiFi to reach further

The first option is to set up an Ethernet cable installation in your house. You can connect the cable and the router and then running it to another area of your house. The devices connected via cable can include a television or even a computer. It’s also possible to connect another access point such as an old router and then connect using WiFi.

The downside of this alternative is that you require a physical installation. However, it’s one of the best solutions in order to extend the Internet coverage throughout your house. For example, almost all houses in countries like Spain or Germany nowadays have Ethernet Cat6 cables connected to switches with 8 ports at the User Access Point at the house’s entrance. The switch connects to the main router and various room outlets. If you want a seamless WiFi experience to reach further, you should consider purchasing a dual-band simultaneous WiFi mesh system and connecting the nodes using cable. The results will depend on the home’s size and number of network outlets. It’s also possible to require more than 8 ports on the switch. However, there are 16-port models available today which are slim enough to fit easily in the PAU.

Use Powerline Communication Devices

A simpler and much more accessible alternative for everyone is the use of PLC devices. These can connect through the electrical power lines in your home and typically come in a kit of two. The first one is connected to the router via Ethernet cable and then plugged into an electrical outlet. The other one you should place it elsewhere in the house, also connected to electricity.

This kind of setup is quite stable and allows for a further reach in WiFi connection. You can expand the Internet access in different areas of your home. However, it requires the electrical wiring to be in good condition. It’s also a good idea to avoid placing PLC devices near other appliances that may cause interference. The recommendation is to connect them in as isolated locations as possible.

Some PLC devices come with WiFi Mesh capabilities, allowing seamless transition from one PLC to another using WiFi without interruptions in the wireless connection. It’s a perfect setting for VoIP calls or video calls as it ensures a smooth user experience. One of the best PLC systems you can buy nowadays is the devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6. It offers speeds of up to 2400Mbps over the electrical network, thanks to the innovative technology. It also incorporates the WiFi 6 technologies for optimal wireless and wired performance.

Use a Mesh System

The Mesh system is a good option for covering a large area. Mesh devices or satellites connect to each other, unlike repeaters that need to connect directly to the router. Therefore, you can place these satellites in different locations throughout your home to extend coverage. You can configure a Mesh system with your existing router, and these devices can easily cover several hundred square meters. The devices will always connect to the satellite with the best signal, which may not necessarily be the closest one. This way you achieve a wider, more powerful WiFi network with higher speeds for browsing.

One of the best WiFi Mesh systems you can purchase is the model ASUS ZenWiFi XT9. It features triple-band simultaneous connectivity for dedicated interconnection band between nodes. It’s a perfect device to prevent slower WiFi clients that may affect your interconnection link between nodes, ensuring the maximum stability and wireless and wired speed.

A more expensive triple-band simultaneous model may use WiFi Mesh with dedicated frequency band. It can interconnect the nodes but if you don’t need that much actual speed, a dual-band simultaneous model is a great alternative.

The Mesh network brands such as ASUS and AVM are the most popular because of performance and versatility. However there are also other options like D-Link EAGLE PRO AI or the Synology and QNAP devices.

These are some of the better options than a WiFi repeater when you want further reach. The main alternatives are Ethernet cables, PLC devices or a Mesh system for your house.

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