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Amazon expands its drone delivery service to Italy, UK and a 3rd US city by 2024

  • Amazon expands its drone delivery service, Prime Air, to customers in Italy, the UK and a third location in the United States by the end of 2024.
  • Presentation of the MK30 drone, quieter, more efficient and capable of operating in various weather conditions, promising faster and more flexible deliveries.
  • Amazon’s drones will streamline the process and allow for broader deliveries.

Amazon expands its drone delivery service, Prime Air, to customers in Italy, the United Kingdom and a third location in the United States by the end of 2024. But they will roll it out in other cities and countries in the future.

Amazon’s drone delivery operations have been in operation in the United States for almost a year, giving customers the convenience of receiving packages weighing up to five pounds in an hour or less.

Right now, the company is bringing this technology to new destinations, ushering in an era of faster, more efficient deliveries.

New drone from Amazon: MK30

amazon drone MK30

In conjunction with the expansion of Prime Air, Amazon has introduced the MK30 drone, which represents a breakthrough in delivery drone technology.

This drone stands out from its predecessors by being quieter, smaller and lighter, making it more efficient and capable of flying in various weather conditions.

This improvement means that customers will be able to receive their packages even in conditions such as light rain or extreme temperatures, representing a step forward in terms of delivery flexibility.

Amazon’s exclusive package delivery system ensures the safety of contents during transit, and the MK30 is equipped with sense and avoid technology, allowing it to identify and avoid obstacles in its path.

Amazon: Drone delivery service in Italy, UK and United States

The drones will be deployed from the same delivery centers that use traditional delivery vans and Flex delivery vehicles. This integration will allow Amazon to offer an even wider range of products to customers in Italy and the United Kingdom, further streamlining the delivery process.

The drones will also operate from same-day delivery stations in the United States, smaller versions of Amazon fulfillment centers that process orders for quick deliveries.

Products that fit the size and weight of the drone, such as medications and batteries, will be placed near customers at these sites.

Collaborations with national and international regulators

Amazon has been working closely with national and international regulators, as well as communities in the European Union, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States to ensure that this program meets the highest safety and quality standards.

Aviation industry leaders in Italy and the United Kingdom have expressed their enthusiasm.

Pierluigi Di Palma, president of ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority), highlighted that Italy’s experience will be a model for the safe development of new advanced air mobility services.

For his part, Pasqualino Monti, executive director of ENAV, an Italian provider of air navigation services, supported Amazon’s drone delivery project as support for the country’s economic growth.

Frederic Laugere, Head of Innovation Advisory Services at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, stressed that projects like Amazon’s will help increase knowledge about drone operations and their safe and efficient use of airspace.

UK Aviation Minister Baroness Vere highlighted that this initiative will help improve the economy and offer consumers more delivery options while preserving the environment with zero-emission technology.

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