How to detect a broken phone charger

How to know if your phone charger is broken

The charger is a fundamental item for your mobile phone. It’s an accessory that you always depend on and it’s also one of the more troublesome.  Sometimes it’s hard to notice if the phone charger is broken or not. Usually the charger doesn’t give any signal of working incorrectly, at first. For example, your phone will charge slower but you won’t notice.

In this article we explore some of the clues you have to look for in order to check your phone charger health. Following these tips you can protect your device and accessories health for the longest.

Phone charger broken and how to detect it

Overheating of a broken phone charger

If your phone charger is broken you may notice a high temperature on the accessory. It’s normal for the charger to heat but a broken one will have a very high temperature in a short time. When you detect an overheated charger it’s better to stop using it and checking other solutions because heat is never good for electronic devices.

The charge gets interrupted

Another symptom of a broken phone charger is an interrupted charge. If you perceive that the charge is not as fluent as it should be, try another charger. Sometimes it’s better to change the charger before it stops functioning definitely.

The connection does not fit

When you plug your charger it’s normal to feel certain resistance. This is an indicator of a solid connection. However if the plug seems loose or slippery it may indicate that the connector pins are damaged. A good connection is essential for the charger to work properly.

Bare wires

Another clue for a broken phone charger are bare wires. When you use a cable for a long time, it’s normal for it to break. Try to avoid folding it too much in case you perceive a slower charging.

Checking out the health of your cable is key to preserving your Smartphone. A broken phone charger can be dangerous and it’s also unhealthy for the device’s battery. Avoid any charger that gets too hot and keep your device for several years.

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