How to make your own passport photos with apps on Android

Best passport photo apps on Android

Sometimes you need to have a passport photo but you don’t have any on your wallet. Don’t worry, there are certain passport photo apps you can download on Android and carry around everywhere with just your phone. If you are in need of a passport photo for a document or formal paper, you should always have one of these apps installed on your device.

Imagine you need a passport photo and you need it in a rush. Well, you can have one almost immediately and easily through your phone. These passport photo apps help you to take a photo with the right measures directly with your mobile device.

Passport photo apps on Android to carry around

In this list you will find several apps with a simple interface and basic features to take a passport photo on the go. They can be downloaded directly from the official store Google Play Store and work on almost all Android models.

Passport Size Photo Maker

One of the best Android passport photo apps for free. You can use it to take the image with your Smartphone camera and then manage it to pass like a passport one. It can also edit photos from your gallery to fit into the desired measures.

To make the most out of it you should take a photo with a white background, but it also works with other photos. It includes alignment features as well as contrast, brightness and sharpness tools. Passport Size Photo Maker includes advertisement in the free version but you can also pay 1,99 Euros for the complete pack.

ID Photo Application for your passport photo apps on Android

Another good option is ID Photo Application. It helps you to create instant images to renew your driving license, for example. You can use a regular photo to fit it into the requirement measures. It also includes edition parameters such as contrast, brightness and color.

ID Photo & Passport Portrait

This app has 1,54 million reviews on the Google Play Store and 5 stars average in popularity. One of the most interesting features of ID Photo & Passport Portait is the document selection. You can directly introduce the kind of document you need and the app will make the adjustments for the portrait to work.

ID Photo for passports and IDs

The app has a simple interface and it shows you all the edition tools in just one go. You can erase the background and receive printing tips. The app is free with a few adds but you can also pay for a non-add version.

ID Passport Size Photo Editor

Our last recommendation for passport photo apps on Android is called ID Passport Size Photo Editor. It’s review score is 4,7 stars and it includes all the basic edition options for an ID image. Just press New photo, select the country and document and it will take you a passport image with the required measures.

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