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TookTooMuch: trend on TikTok – entertainment and risks

TikTok, that platform that has us all hooked with its short videos, has given rise to a new trend that is giving us a lot to talk about, we refer to TookTooMuch. But what is it about this trend that is causing so much fuss?

TookTooMuch started at the end of 2020 and has now exploded. Basically, people record themselves after having consumed, let’s say “more than necessary”, drugs, alcohol or medications. Yes, it sounds a bit extreme, at the same time irresponsible and immaturity, right?

We don’t intend to give a shout out to these trends, but just use the hashtag #TookTooMuch to check the level of… well, think for yourself ^^

The good, the bad and the ugly

  • We are not going to deny that some of these videos are shocking and even funny, showing how people cross the line in crazy ways.
  • It is clear that this trend attracts attention. More likes, more followers… that’s always tempting.
  • Some use this trend to talk about the dangers of excess and share resources for help. A point for social awareness.

This is where things get serious. This trend also has its dark side, which I would personally say is the only thing it has, since it does not compensate for the “good” at all:

  • Substance abuse is not a game. Overdoses can be deadly, and this trend may be taking away the seriousness it deserves.
  • Imagine the pressure of wanting to live up to these videos. Also, what happens if you reveal personal information or get into legal trouble?
  • Younger children are exposed to these contents, which could influence their attitudes towards drugs and alcohol.

TikTok says or does…

TikTok has not officially commented on the TookTooMuch trend, but they are already making moves on the matter, such as deleting some videos and adding warning messages. Honestly, very little. These are trends where platforms should be more aggressive to avoid them, since the implications can be very serious for many users.

Wouldn’t it be better to try comedy videos, educational content or harmless problems? There are a thousand ways to have fun on TikTok without going overboard, never better said.

Featured Image: Juan José Leiva – AI generated

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