Improve productivity in your iPhone

Organize your iPhone to improve productivity

The new iOS 17 includes several options to improve your productivity in iPhone. You can set several apps and tools to help you avoid any distraction. The iPhone hidden settings let you improve your productivity because you have it on your pockets all the time. It can become your assistant to stay focused on your work.

In order to avoid infinite scrolling on social networks or social distraction through notifications, iPhone settings can improve your productivity. You only need to set some folders and apps to help you do your tasks efficiently.

How to improve the productivity in iPhone

Improve productivity by organizing your iPhone

The first step is to organize the apps in your main screen. A good recommendation is to put all your popular and most used apps in a special folder and the rest, in a different screen. That way you can have fast access to your principal apps. You can even group them by selecting certain features: social networks, messaging apps, bank and digital finance tools.

If you want to avoid distractions you shouldn’t have YouTube or Instagram next to your e-mail client account. These entertainment apps are made to distract you and provide quick satisfaction. But you need to stay focused on your work.

The division of apps into two screens is a good solution. The main screen should include all the apps you use daily, for personal and professional needs. The second screen should have folders with the apps you use occasionally. That way you can access quickly your most important apps but using certain degree of navigation for secondary apps.

Personal rules to avoid distraction and improve productivity on the iPhone

When you want to improve your productivity in iPhone you need to follow certain personal rules. You have to be strict with yourself. For example, try to use the block screen instead of opening the main screen in iOS. You can save up several seconds each time.  You can also consult your Apple Watch if you have the Smartwatch on, and avoid opening the mobile device.

Another good trick is to use widgets on the block screen. The widget tool shows you important information and lets you activate certain apps features directly with no need of fully opening the app.

Disable social networks notifications

The main distraction for mobile phone users is through social network notifications. If you want to improve your productivity in iPhone you must set them off. Make your Smartwatch receive the notifications and show you any important issue, but do not open your social apps constantly.


It’s not easy to separate professional and personal life through your iPhone. But with a little patience and organization you can improve your work time and avoid frequent distractions. You need to try different alternatives to find which helps you best.

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