How does the blue screen looks like?

Windows 11 patch KB5035853 generates blue screen

Microsoft updates to Windows 11 are not very well received lately. The Redmond company launches security patches on the second Tuesday of each month to correct vulnerabilities and other issues. However, it’s also common for a patch like KB5035853 case to generate new problems for users and the so feared blue screen.

Last Windows 11 update KB5035853 is as disastrous as you could imagine. The patch tries to correct performance and security issues but it ends up generating operating system fails and the blue screen shut down.

Windows 11 patch generates blue screen.

The Windows 11 patch KB5035853 and the blue screen of death

The march patch identified as KB50358583 is one of the worst in Windows 11. It’s especially troublesome in Enterprise and LTSC version of Windows. However, the home version of Windows 11 also suffers from compatibility issues after installing this patch.

On the Internet forums users all around the world are complaining about the patch. The error is identified as Thread Stuck in Device Driver but there are no details about it. Another common issue affects laptop Lenovo users with BitLocker enabled. The blue screen with the Windows 11 patch comes with a code: DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. Users explain that these blue screens didn’t appear before installing the new update.

How to solve the Windows 11 problems after updating the system

Microsoft is already studying how to solve the KB5035853 patch issues and there will probably be a new patch soon. In the meantime, you can uninstall the latest patch by starting your PC in Safe Mode. Once you have started your computer in Safe Mode you have to go to Settings -> Windows Update -> Update story -> Uninstall updates. Select the patch you want to erase and your system should start working properly again. In a few weeks the new regular patch should arrive to solve the issues Microsoft users discovered.

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