How to update your iPhone

Why can’t I update my iPhone?

Every so often there is a new iPhone update for your mobile device. But in some cases you can’t correctly download or install the update package and you start wondering if your iPhone model is done for. You shouldn’t get desperate when the automatic update doesn’t work. The key is to find the reason behind the problem and then start fixing it.

The first step is to check if your iPhone device is compatible with the newest iOS version. If your model doesn’t appear on the official iOS update list, then you won’t be able to load the new iPhone update so you need to start thinking about changing your phone. But a lot times, the problem is software related and there are some ways to fix it.

Issues when you update your iPhone

Tips to solve problems if you want to update your iPhone

The easiest way to check if your iPhone is compatible with the new update package is directly from the phone. When you enter the Settings app and try to force the automatic update, you will check if your phone is compatible with the new version. In case your iPhone doesn’t let you download a new iOS update, then you have to wait for a newer version. Sometimes the updating process takes a little longer for all the iPhone versions available.

Apple website

If you don’t trust your own device, you can visit the Apple website and look for the latest iOS version. In the operating system section you will also find a list of compatible devices. Look for your iPhone in the list just to make sure.

Why doesn’t my iPhone update correctly?

As time goes by, the update packages are harder to install in older devices. This is because the hardware settings become incapable of managing such power and features. However the iPhone family tends to have a longer update span than other devices. If your iPhone device isn’t capable of running the update file but the model is compatible, the reason may be one of these:

The update package doesn’t run

When you download the update package but your phone doesn’t run it properly, it may be a battery problem. In order to install an iPhone update you need at least 50% of the battery. It’s also important to have a correct device temperature to avoid any problem installing new iOS files.

The new version is still not available

Maybe your phone is compatible with the new iOS but the update package is still not available. Not all devices receive the update at the same time. In these cases the best option is to wait for official news.

Collapsed servers impede iPhone update

The new iOS version usually makes thousands of users try to update immediately. In case your iPhone update doesn’t work, wait for a while. Maybe the servers are collapsed and you can’t download the update package because of lots of other user petitions.

Storage space is not enough

Another issue with updating your iPhone is the storage space available. If you don’t have enough storage space you will receive a message indicating the situation. Usually, a new iOS update requires some GB of free space for a correct installation.

How to know if my iPhone updated automatically?

The iOS default setting updates the system automatically and during night hours. In order to check if your device is already updated you just have to open the Settings app and check system version. That way you can confirm if your phone is already running on the latest version of iOS.

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