The news about PS5 Pro

Which improvements will PS5 Pro games have?

By the end of 2024 the new PS5 Pro will be around us with several game improvements in titles and play experience. The 4K and 60 FPS experience is the main goal that Sony promises in the new version of the console, but we have to wait for it to arrive before confirming it.

In the last weeks some new details about PS5 Pro characteristics leaked through the Internet. The rumors indicate that the new model will be extremely powerful, but it was something similar with PS4 Pro and the results were not as astonishing as the rumors prior to the real launch. In this article we explore some of the improvements of PS5 Pro games and the console itself.

Game improvements for the new PS5 Pro model.

The different improvements in PS5 Pro game and player experience

The most important new feature PS5 Pro games will be called, if rumors are true, PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). It’s a new technology to attain real 4K and 60 FPS resolution any advanced ray tracing live. The improvements will be almost all about the graphics, following the PS4 Pro experience.

Some of the titles of PS5 will include the Enhanced for PS5 Pro label if they are compatible with the PSSR feature. The requirements for this label are at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Include advanced ray tracing.
  • Max resolution increase for variable resolution games.
  • Max resolution increase for fix resolution titles.
  • Increased FPS for games that run at constant FPS.

The PS5 catalog is pretty broad, and those games with caring developers can easily attain the Enhanced PS5 Pro label. If the rumors are finally correct, the gaming experience will surely be more visually interesting for the new Sony console. But the PlayStation 5 stills needs to improve to differentiate from the PS4 era. The developers haven’t made the most out of the PS5 features. Maybe the PS5 Pro will change this reality.

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