How to disable Windows special keys quickly

How to disable special keys in Windows

Microsoft’s Windows includes some keys with special functions to improve accessibility. However, the special keys sometimes are an obstacle and you need to disable them. The process to turn off special functions in the keyboard is not very difficult, but not every user knows it.

In this article we explore the special keys shortcut and how to turn them off for a better experience. You can learn how to disable and enable them again, in order to use the keyboard to its full potential.

Disable special keys in Windows

Different alternatives to disable special keys in Windows

Using special keys in Windows can become specially annoying when you play videogames. Some titles make the special keys run and you have to disable them if you want to play normally. In case you need to turn off the special keys quickly, then you can check this article and the different ways to enable and disable key shortcuts and special functions.

Disable special keys with a keyboard shortcut

This is specially useful when you need to stop the function keys with just a touch of the keyboard. You just need to press the Shift button 5 times in a row and the special key functionality will turn off.

Settings app

You can manually turn off the special keys by opening the Setting app. Press Win + I and go to the Accesibility – Keyboard section. There you will find a toogle to turn special keys on and off directly.

Control panel configuration

Another solution is using the Control panel function. Go to the Accesibility section and then open the Accesibility Center. There you can modify the keyboard functions and disable special keys easily.

Any of the methods we show you in this article are effective. You can quickly turn on or off the keyboard special functions in order to play or use the computer with no interruptions.

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