Some of the dating apps and the risk for personal data

Your personal data is at risk when using dating apps

Using dating apps has become a popular activity nowadays. However, this type of software can be really dangerous. Your personal data may be at risk when you use dating apps because the APIs tend to be extremely intrusive.

Almost all apps collect user data. From Google Maps location tracking to WhatsApp for contacts and image gallery, but the risk exists if they use your data improperly. The risk of a dating app violating your privacy is very high, and the search for love app is a type of app where lots of personal information circulates.

What personal data is at risk with dating apps?

The risk of dating apps for your personal data

According to a Mozilla report dating apps have become more dangerous for the user as time goes by. After investigating 25 dating apps, 22 are ranked as “Privacy not included”. There are only 3 exceptions: Harmony, Lex and Happn. These are not very popular apps when compared to Tinder or Bumble, but they are more secure nonetheless.

Mozilla report indicates that 80% of the dating apps share or sell personal data from the users for advertisement purposes. This is a great risk for your information security as well as privacy. In fact, apps like Bumble include messages directly related to the user privacy and they are confusing. For example:

“We use services that help improve marketing campaigns… Under certain privacy always, this data can be shared and sold to our marketing associates”.

Most of the dating apps use the location of users to make it easier for them to meet. However, they also can register all your location data in the background like Hinge does. Even though they explain that the location is need to find a better match, it sounds fishy. Recently, an ultra catholic American group used personal data bought to Grindr in order to spy some of its members. It’s an abuse and a violation of privacy data laws.

Other data from the report indicates that dating apps download has been decreasing in the last years. The apps became popular some years ago but artificiality and reification reduced the importance of these programs. The apps are heavily criticized and the users are taking more seriously the importance of personal data security.

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