WiFi connection and wall elements that interfere

Wall elements that affect your WiFi connection

Sometimes you want a fast and stable WiFi connection but the performance is not efficient enough. There are different components and wall elements that may affect your WiFi connection. For example, the distance to the router or electronic devices that can interfere.

In order to have the best WiFi connection possible, we explore in this article the wall elements you can remove for a better wireless reception. The wall itself signifies an obstacle for the WiFi signal but there are also other materials that may deflect the and slow the connection.

WiFi signal quality

Wall materials and elements that can affect your WiFi connection

The following elements and materials can interfere with the WiFi connection. It’s good to take them into account when deciding where to put your router. Paying attention to these elements you may obtain a better speed and stability for your WiFi connection.


The WiFi network can be easily affected by mirrors in the wall. This element reflects the signal and the coverage diminishes. You will experience connection failures in your different devices. The issue worsens if the size of the mirror is bigger. Try to avoid mirrors in between the router and the WiFi device.

Metallic ornaments

Metal prevents the WiFi waves run through normally. If you have a metallic layer in your wall or any other ornament the wireless network may experience failures more regularly. This also includes furniture with metallic components. The more metal surrounding your router or WiFi device, the worse the connection may work.

Water ornaments or appliances

Another element that interferes with WiFi waves is water. If you have water appliances or ornaments, you may experience slow WiFi speed or micro cuts. Also make sure the wall hasn’t water pipes because they tend to interfere with the wireless connection.

Christmas’ lights

Finally, you can also experience WiFi connection cuts if your wall has Christmas’ lights. The electromagnetic fields of these lights generate interferences and make the signal weaken. In case you are experiencing slow Internet speed or sudden cuts of WiFi, you should try removing the lights or checking for other elements that may disperse the waves.

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