The new RAR native support on Windows

Activate the new Windows feature that lets you open RAR files without WinRAR

Microsoft bets on the compressed files native use directly on Windows. Little by little, the operating system includes new features to work with most of the files without the need of installing an independent app.  In the last Windows versions there were experimental functions to include compressing tools. And now we can already open RAR files without WinRAR in Windows.

Another option is to create RAR files natively. A great opportunity to enjoy the multiple benefits of compressed RAR files without installing any new application on Windows. The 23H2 update was originally going to receive this feature but there were some setbacks and then we receive it just now. The feature is available in Windows 11 and you can run RAR files with no external software needed.

Run RAR files without WinRAR in Windows

Open RAR files without WinRAR on Windows 11

Through the newest Windows 11 feature you can create ZIP, 7z, TAR and RAR files. If you want to use the RAR compatibility you just need to activate the experimental function through the command prompt. The preview version is already functional with RAR features but the stable version will receive it in the near future.

The steps to activate the native RAR function in Windows require the execution of the ViVeTool command. You first need to download ViVeTool from Github and then open the system symbol through the CMD with administrator permits. You have to locate yourself on the folder with the extracted files from ViVeTool and input the following command:

vivetool /enable /id:49256040,48433719

Once you restart your computer the new feature will appear enabled. You can now open compressed files in RAR, ZIP, 7z and TAR formats. Right now the creation of RAR files natively is not possible but you can already compress files on ZIP and 7zip.

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