Use AI to prevent spam

AI uses to prevent spam on your e-mail

Artificial Intelligence is more present in computing each day. There are several AI tools available and you can use it for different activities. However, hackers and cyber delinquents also make use of the new developments in technology. New uses such as AI to prevent spam can save your time on the e-mail management can also backfire. A hacker can make use of Artificial Intelligence to create more precise and efficient spam mails and you can fall in their trap.

Spam mail is bothersome and also dangerous. A cyber delinquent may send massive e-mails with fraudulent links. Through a false link a hacker can steal your personal data, passwords or even infect your device with a virus.

How to use AI and prevent a full inbox of spam

Use AI to prevent spam and viruses via e-mail

Using AI to prevent spam is very easy. For example, the new SlashNext generative language AI model increases precision when for detecting spam. The main objective is to reduce the false positive rate to almost zero. All e-mail providers suffer from detecting a mail as spam even though it’s a safe mail. Thanks to AI, the SlashNext company is trying to perfect the identification of spam messages.

The SlashNext field of work is cyber security. They are using AI to reduce the spam on your e-mail inbox. If you receive less spam you will consume less computer resources. The AI will make the scan and through generative learning it will introduce new detection parameters. It’s not the only solution on the field, surely there will be other cybersecurity measures too.

AI can also attack your devices

The main problem with AI is that hackers also use it. It’s a tool to create fake mails for Phishing and other crimes. The realistic mails using Artificial Intelligence are part of the two sides of the coin in AI development. When the fake e-mail is well written, the chances of users falling on the trap increase. Hackers use the personal data of the victim to create more customized messages. They will use any information or hint to try and make you click on a link.

You must avoid download buttons and links and be very careful with AI. It is a technology that may become very dangerous for your e-mail and Internet services.

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