The tricks to make the most out of the Galaxy A55

Tricks to make the most out of your Samsung Galaxy A55

The new Samsung Galaxy A55 is one of the most demanded mid-market devices because of the great relation in price and quality. In order to make the most out of the Galaxy A55 you have to apply some tricks and modify the settings to increase the performance.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy A55 is not a high-end device, it can perform extremely well in daily life activities and certain photo and video features. Learning these tricks to make the most out of the Galaxy A55 is not that hard, and you can improve your daily experience with just a few tweaks.

Different tricks for the Galaxy A55

Tricks to make use of the Samsung Galaxy A55 potential

The A55 is a great device and it can be even better if you learn how to use it. The tricks in this article let you save battery, improve memory storage and the quality of photos and videos, among others. Follow the indications and start using your Samsung Galaxy A55 in a better way.

Save your battery life

In order to save battery life in your mobile device you should activate the screen brightness options. The dark mode saves energy by decreasing the brightness level in your mobile phone. It’s also a good solution to protect your eyes.

Go to Battery Protection and select the behavior of your phone. You can choose between Maximum battery, Adaptive or Basic.

The most recommendable option is Adaptive. It can detect when you are resting or when to optimize the screen brightness level. You can also limit the maximum battery charge to cut at 80%. That way you avoid keeping charging at night.

Improve memory in Samsung Galaxy A55

The memory RAM performance influences how your mobile phone works with several apps opened. You can virtually increase RAM memory from the Settings app in your device.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Press Digital Wellbeing.
  3. Go to Device Care and select the RAM Plus Settings option.
  4. Increase it by 2, 4, 6 or 8 GB.

The virtual RAM increases by using storage space. Don’t use this feature if your phone doesn’t have enough storage memory.

Tricks to use two WhatsApp accounts on your Galaxy A55

If you want to use two WhatsApp accounts in the same Smartphone you need to activate the Dual Messenger feature. You can use WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging apps with two accounts simultaneously. The compatible apps include Telegram, Skype, Messenger, Facebook and WhatsApp.

App shortcuts

The Samsung Galaxy A55 includes a customizable lateral button. You can set it to open Bixby or other apps. If you configure the lateral button for a quick access you will be able to open your favorite app with just a click.

  1. Open Advanced features.
  2. Select Lateral button.
  3. Activate Bixby when holding the button.

Another alternative is setting a button shortcut for other apps. Select the Open app feature and search the app you want to open by pressing the lateral button two times in a row. This is a good feature that you can use for your favorite apps and it’s very easy to set.

Use grid lines to improve your photos

The grid lines are very useful to place the images and objects in a photo where you want them. They are grids that help to orientate the photo and modulate the environment. You will learn how to make the most out of your Galaxy A55 camera with this feature.

  1. Open the Camera app.
  2. Select the Camera Settings and press the Grid lines button.
  3. Activate the Grid lines and select the size you want (3×3, 6×6, etc.)

Erase the elements of a photo

Using the pencil feature in the gallery you can erase elements you don’t want to appear. Samsung Galaxy A55 uses AI to fill the space and the results tend to be very interesting. Sometimes the pencil tool doesn’t work properly. But you have to try it in order to decide if the results are enough. It’s a very automatic process that you can easily redo on your Galaxy A55.

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