Passkeys and the dark side of automatic security

The dark side of Passkeys for security logins

When you think about a password you need to take into account numbers, letters and symbols to make it more secure. The process of remembering all your passwords is really tiresome, so there’s an alternative called Passkeys. However, the Passkeys have a dark side you need to know. Before choosing a security method for your accounts, analyze all the alternatives.

As there are several services you need to log in with a different account, is normal to use password managers, simplify passwords or even repeat them. This is not a safe procedure, but it’s understandable because you have the mail, the streaming services, the forums and several other spaces where you enter.

The Passkeys creation process

Passkeys dark side and how to avoid it

The Passkeys are credentials associated to your PIN or biometric services. They exist only in Smartphones and not in the Cloud. The creation of Passkeys is easier and you can eliminate them when you change your device. But the dark side of Passkeys is that you can’t extract or export them.

They generate dependence because you can only access your services through them. When you use Passkeys you are not forced to remember a password, so it’s  more likely for you to forget how to enter a platform if you’re not using your own device.

When you get used to Passkeys, using passwords again is difficult. But you need to consider the dark side of Passkeys dependence. Starting from zero to create every single password is not a nice picture, but you should consider it before getting in the Passkeys trap.

Passkeys improvement field

Even though they offer a simpler way to log in to your services, Passkeys are still in development. There’s room for improvements. For example, Chrome and Safari use a QR to access your phone, it’s a log in way still to be perfected. On the other hand, Passkeys is an essential part of a closed ecosystem. Google wants to reduce the alternatives for users and services and concentrate them all. The Passkeys method is still on the adoption phase. Maybe it won’t fully replace passwords if users realice the dependence they create. But passwords are annoying too. So there’s still a debate among security and user experience on the platforms and services sector.

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