How to fix a cursor that blinks

The cursor blinks repeatedly and the computer goes slow. How to fix it

One of the most annoying issues in a computer is a blinking cursor. If the cursor of your computer blinks repeatedly and the system goes slow, you may be impeded to work normally. It’s a more common problem than it seems, but you can try some of our solutions to fix it.

The blinking cursor may appear while you play a movie or write a text, or even while playing videogames with LAG. The GPU and the processor resources reach 100% usage and the computer cannot reach the refresh rates of the monitor.

Fix the cursor that blinks issue in Windows

Why the cursor blinks and the computer gets slow

Independently from being playing videogames or editing a video, each time you move the cursor, a new frame is created on screen. When the mouse refresh rate is faster than the screen refresh rate, you can see the blinking effect.

A mouse cursor today can reach 1 ms, 1000 hz. However, there are no monitors to equal this speed. Each frame represents a reading of the cursor movement, and it depends on the mouse driver. If moving your cursor shows the blinking effect, there is a connection issue between your mouse driver and the GPU.

The slowdown effect originates from the same issue. The refresh rate of mouse and screen is the same and the computer is asking for 1000 frames in a second. The CPU gets overloaded and the system starts working really slow.

Is it a hardware or software problem?

The origin of the problem is software related. The generic Windows drive tends to generate this issue. You can easily fix the problem by reinstalling or updating the mouse drivers. The steps for doing so are:

  • Press Windows key and X at the same time.
  • Select the Device Manager option
  • Open Mice and other pointing devices.
  • Disable the trackpad if you are using a USB mouse in a laptop.
  • You must have only one pointing device activated to avoid conflicts.
  • Download the driver from your mouse maker.
  • Update the GPU drivers as well, in order to fix blinking issues and resource consumption.

By following these steps, you should be able to fix a cursor that blinks and makes your computer go slowly. It’s a common problem that can be easily fixed.

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