Nothing Phone 2

You can now pre-order the Nothing Phone (2) with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and innovative features

  • The Nothing Phone (2) marks a new milestone in the smartphone market, being the company’s first full flagship.
  • Flipkart allows pre-ordering of this highly anticipated device, offering users the chance to secure the phone and get exclusive gifts.
  • With the powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, transparent design, transparent USB Type-C cable, Glyph LED and the new Nothing OS 2.0 software update, the Nothing Phone (2) promises a unique experience.

Nothing, a leading company in the smartphone market, is preparing to take a bold step with the launch of its next device, the Nothing Phone (2). This mobile will become the first full flagship of the company, and its presentation is scheduled for July 11. Although the launch event is still two weeks away, Flipkart, a well-known e-commerce platform in India, is now ready to start the pre-order period for these exciting smartphones.

Book the Nothing Phone (2) via Flipkart

Flipkart has announced that users will have the opportunity to “pre-order” the Nothing Phone (2) through a “pre-order” system.

Basically, those interested will be able to reserve their phone by paying INR 2000 ($24), an amount that will be fully refundable in case they decide to cancel their order. Starting July 11 at 9 p.m. local time until July 20 at 11:59 p.m. local time, customers will be able to choose the desired variant, pay the remaining balance and claim exclusive rewards for their pre-order.

This “pre-reservation” system makes sense considering the expected high demand for the phone. Flipkart has entered into a partnership with Nothing to offer this option to consumers.

As part of the “pre-order” giveaways, Nothing will offer a variety of additional products, including Nothing Ear (Stick) TWS earbuds, a case, screen protector, and 45W power adapter, all at promotional prices.

Availability and additional details

Both Nothing and Flipkart have not specified a maximum number of units available for pre-reservation of the Nothing Phone (2). Therefore, it can be concluded that there is no limit to the number of users that will be able to reserve the device. It is worth mentioning that this pre-booking option is exclusively available in India.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Nothing in the coming days to see if they’ll start accepting pre-orders in other countries or regions.

The first open sale of the Nothing Phone (2) will begin on July 21, once the pre-order period ends. Although the exact price of the device has not yet been revealed, Nothing is expected to provide more details and continue its promotional campaign in the coming weeks.

Apart from having the powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, the Nothing Phone (2) will present some outstanding features. First of all, it will have a new transparent USB Type-C cable, giving it a unique and modern look.

In addition, its design will be transparent, allowing users to see inside the device, adding a touch of visual innovation. The phone will also revive the Glyph LEDs, which are distinctive elements of the Nothing brand. These LEDs will provide an attractive and customizable visual experience.

Another exciting aspect of the Nothing Phone (2) is the introduction of Nothing OS 2.0, the company’s latest software update.

This new version promises significant improvements in terms of performance, functionality, and user experience. As July approaches, Nothing is expected to reveal more details about the phone’s features and capabilities, giving users a more comprehensive look at what to expect.

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