Prevent SSD store space shortage

Optimize your SSD and prevent store space shortage

When you are experiencing space shortage on your SSD device, it’s important to take some optimization measures. If you can organize your storage device properly, you will always know which files to backup and remove, and how to store the most important files for your work or daily activities.

Storage problems are not new. As time goes by, your computer stores thousands of files for different reasons. If your SSD is showing store space shortage because of the apps and data you save, it’s time to optimize how you manage it. Follow the tricks in this article to improve your SSD performance easily.

Optimize SDD store space

Tips to prevent store space shortage in SSD devices

The main goal of these actions is to prevent a full SSD and problems to store files. The easier way is to buy a new SSD device and prevent store space shortage but the prices may not be too convenient. That’s why you can try optimizing what it’s already there.

Disk partition

In SSD devices the partition improvements are not as noticeable as in HDD devices. However, it’s still useful to completely control your storage distribution. If you create different partitions you can save your files in a more customized way. It’s also helpful to eliminate files you don’t need and you can spot them easily.

Erase temporary files

Another good measure to prevent store space shortage in a SSD is deleting temporary files. The cache memory files do not influence the operating system performance but they accumulate and diminish your storage capacity. In Windows there’s even a safety lock. If you try to erase cache memory and a program is running on it, you won’t be able to do it. That way you prevent freezing of performance issues on the computer.

Uninstall apps you don’t use

The key to improve your storage capacity in a SSD is deleting software you don’t use. Videogames, programs and apps you don’t use anymore shouldn’t occupy space in your SSD. It’s very common to let older programs to remain installed hoping to use them in the future. If you are facing SSD store space shortage, it’s time to uninstall them.

In Windows computers you can easily dispose of programs you don’t use from the Add or remove programs option. It’s accessible through the Control panel and it shows you a list of all the games and apps installed in your SSD.

Avoid store space shortage in your SSD with a general cleaning

The last option to improve SSD space is a complete formatting sequence. Make a backup of important files and eliminate any issue draining your storage space by formatting the SSD unit. It’s a pretty automatic process and it will only take a few minutes depending on your SSD size.

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