Storage space issues in Android

5 things that turn your phone slower

There are several reasons that turn your phone slower day by day. When you need to complete certain task fast but your device doesn’t run smoothly, it’s time to look for the causes of speed issues.

In this article we explore the most common reasons that turn your Android phone slower. If you detect the cause of the problem, you will be helping your device to last longer. Take note of this tips and follow them to try solving performance problems if your Android device runs slower.

Things that turn your Android phone slower

Cache memory may turn your phone slower

One of the first things that turn your Android phone slower is cache memory. As you run an app, it saves cache memory files in order to access websites and apps faster. However the cache memory may interfere and make some apps run slower. If you detect your phone gets slower and you have been running some apps for quite some time, clear the cache to improve speed.

  1. Open the Settings app and select Apps list.
  2. Select the apps you want to clear cache and erase it from the Storage and cache section.

Outdated software

When you don’t run the updated version of an app, you may experience different difficulties. One of the most common is a slower performance. Usually, Android phones update apps automatically, but you may try a manual update in order to check your software. The outdated apps turn your phone slower as the app and system can’t make full use of the device capabilities.

You can update the apps directly from the Google Play Store or using the Settings menu. In the second case, open System and the System update button to download any new package for your operating system.

Operating system animations

The visual effect of operating system animations is also responsible for a slower device. If you set them faster or remove them, it’s very likely that your phone will run smoothly. The steps to remove animations are:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select About the phone and press seven times.
  3. Return to the Settings app main screen and look for Developer options.
  4. In the Draw section you will find three animation settings you can modify.

Low storage capacity

Whenever your phone is lacking storage space you will experience speed issues. You can remove any apps you don’t use regularly or visit the Settings app and make use of the file cleaning option. It’s also recommendable to use Google Files to remove any document you don’t need.

A slow Internet connection can turn your phone slower too

In case you only experience you phone working slowly only when navigating the web, you can check the Internet connection. It’s not that common, but you may be facing a router or Internet issue rather than a hardware one.

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