The Clipchamp new AI features in Windows 11

Increase your productivity in Windows 11 through AI features

Microsoft Windows 11 introduces new AI features to help you increase your productivity. Redmond based company bets on AI totally and the new updates for Windows 11 are the best proof. In the next months we will see several new AI features really integrated into the user experience, and not only the Copilot app.

It’s important to know that along with Windows AI properties, hardware developers are also specialized processors to execute artificial intelligence related tasks. Together, they will offer the user a new way to experience the world of computers and programs.

Copilot new Windows 11 AI features

Creativity and productivity AI features in Windows 11

The new operating system update from Microsoft can separate AI features in Windows 11: the creativity ones and the productivity ones. In the first group you can find different tools to increase your creativity capacities. Here you can find apps like.

  • Paint Cocreator. It’s a feature to create incredible illustrations from your own words and depictions. It works similarly to Dall-E and you can activate it with a simple button.
  • Subject pull apart. Using AI properties you can pull the subject apart in a photograph and edit images automatically. You can even clear the background to find different elements in a photo.
  • Image edition effects. The IA features in Windows 11 also let you add a blur effect or improve the image quality.
  • Photos localization. AI improvements in Windows 11 allow the user to search images in OneDrive through several filters like date, location or elements present in the picture.
  • Clipchamp. You can practice to become a professional movie director  using Clipchamp to create your own  clips. The tool includes different aspects you can customize such as music, duration and format selection. It’s very easy to use, you just only need to select the photos and videos to start mixing.
  • Windows Studio Effects. The arrival of new generation AMD and Intel processors is a great improvement for AI development. Thanks to this processors focused on AI Windows Studio Effects can improve the videocalls and videoconferences quality as well as add new effects. For example, Background Blur, Eye Contact and Voice Focus features.

Increase the productivity in Windows 11 through AI

Thanks to AI, the operating system can automate numerous repetitive tasks and optimize processes.  The artificial intelligence can learn from our user experience and adapt to individual preferences. It can even anticipate to each user needs. In Windows 11 you can use the Copilot assistance as AI user interface. You can chat with your Copilot and ask him several tasks, and then improve your productivity with little effort.

  • Improve the Copilot browsing experience with Edge. The Copilot AI app now has a lateral bar in Edge. You can use it to ask for a summary of the current webpage, compare a product or even make a group of tabs.
  • AI readings. Make the Edge web browser AI tool to read you the page content aloud. You can even choose different types of voices and rhytms.
  • Extract text from images.  There’s a tool called Snipping Tool that makes a screenshot of the text at screen, it can also detect text embedded into an image. Using the AI features in Windows 11 you can extract it and use it.
  • Write through AI. Use the Compose function to write a text from your main ideas. There are different styles available for your text.

The future of AI features in Windows 11 for the rest of the year

For the rest of the year the AI features for Windows 11 will increase creativity and productivity tools. The presence of artificial intelligence in Microsoft products is a reality and it will get even higher in the following years.

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