WiFi repeater and main issues

WiFi repeater useless at certain distance

Each WiFi repeater model works within a certain distance range. However, there are also other factors that may influence the device performance. In this article we explore several tips and what to do to make the most out of your WiFI repeater to improve your Internet connection.

A WiFi repeater is a very useful device for the WiFi connection at home or office. Thanks to the repeater you can reach longer distances with your WiFi signal, connecting numerous devices or improving the velocity of your Internet connection.

How does the WiFi repeater works

The WiFi repeater distance and other wireless issues

The router model affects the signal quality, as well as the possible interferences of other devices or the walls. In general terms we can say that 25-30 meters is the distance where a WiFi repeater starts working with flaws. If you put the repeater in a wide open area the signal will reach further than in a wall closed space or with several obstacles.

If you want to put a WiFi repeater, you have to stay in the 25-30 meters range. Then you should make a speed test as well as check the power percentage. Each repeater is unique and the environment will also affect the benchmark results. Try placing the WiFi device in different spots before choosing the final location. That way you will see how the repeater rebounds the signal and if you can connect your wireless devices properly or not.

Bring your connection further

In case you want to increase your WiFi range without using a repeat device, there are other options. You can use  Mesh system with satellital devices that power-up your connection. They help to increase the coverage area in various square meters.

The PLC devices are also available. These devices use the electric wiring to bring your connection from  the router to the farthest rooms. However, the best option to guarantee a good Internet connection is using wires. You can use plastic optic fiber to make a complete connection at home and you will always have good download and upload speed. Through a wired connection you won’t have to suffer from WiFI wireless issues.

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