Bill Gates tips for success

Three tips from Bill Gates for a successful and productive life

Bill Gates is known for giving very useful advices and tips. He is a very successful man and he knows what he is talking about. If you are looking for a formula to live happily and gain work success, Microsoft’s creator has three keys.

Throughout his life he has learned through experiences and mistakes about three topics you need to confront to have a successful life. Those themes are: problem solving, time management and motivation.

Bill Gates tips for happiness

Tips from Bill Gates for solving problems

In 2020 Bill Gates wrote in his personal website some insights about the Coronavirus pandemic. He usually writes interesting thoughts in his personal blog and the 2020 article focused on the solving problem issues. He started sharing some questions.

Who confronted a pandemic situation correctly in the past? What can we learn from them? Bill Gates states that you don’t need to invent anything new, but follow the steps of those who gave a solution in the past.

Time management issues

It’s normal for people working in Microsoft to make extra hours. Bill Gates asks for extra hours regularly and he controls the staff to make sure they do them. In a program he starred with his friend Warren Buffett, he said that “really successful people say no to almost everything”.

Gates thinks that Buffet is very good managing time and Buffet answered that having a tight schedule is not always a good idea. When you have free time, you can think and develop new strategies to keep improving.

Motivation for success

Another tip for happiness and success in work life is motivation, and a key element is patience. Gates explains that he was very anxious for his company to grow when he started Microsoft. He wanted success and forced unhealthy dynamics upon his workers. However, as time went by he realized that patience and motivation were more important.

In his blog he wrote: “patience is a key element for success. Success arrives after trials and errors and lots of failures. A successful person is the one with patience to withstand the frustrating obstacles in the way”. Another Gates’ tip is to trust and have patience with the workers. They are motivated when they can develop their skills in a relaxed environment.

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