The new Diablo 4 quests

Diablo 4 season 5 turns into a classic roguelite experience

Diablo 4 arrived on stores more than a year ago. Fortunately, it has become a truly RPG experience thanks to the season system that Blizzard implemented since the beginning. The main idea of this method is to make the game evolve, and Diablo 4 season 5 has interesting updates for the gamer.

Along with the evolution of the title, the four previous seasons have improved the original formula of Diablo. The one player campaign mode is not the most popular nowadays, and thanks to the online alternatives and the season approach, the Diablo franchise is still alive

New features in Diablo 4 season 5

The new changes for Diablo 4 season 5

Blizzard showed a small preview of Diablo 4 season 5. It’s a very promising update because of the new elements that will transform the action RPG genre we all know in a different experience. The infernal hordes are coming to Diablo IV. It’s a game mode you can activate using the infernal compasses that bosses give away. These items guide you through the map and there you must survive and repel waves of enemies. You can also power up your skills and characters while destroying enemy hordes.

The battles give you ether but you can also obtain better weapons and rewards to keep eliminating the next challenges from the infernal hordes. This game mode is not so common and it’s probably one of the biggest bets of Blizzard to give away new items and tiers for the Diablo characters.

When will the infernal hordes be available?

As Blizzard usually does, the new updates first arrive on the test kingdoms. Those are the beta servers where you can try the new features. You need to log in to and then select the test kingdom for Diablo IV. The game will download a compatible client and then you can access to unpublished content for the upcoming Diablo 4 season 5. On July the 2nd the test phase ended in several countries and season 5 will start arriving to the regular game servers.

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