Improve the sound of your modern television

If you have a sleek, modern TV without external speakers or a sound bar, you’ve probably had to turn the volume all the way up to clearly hear the dialogue from your favorite movies or series. This is because many current televisions, despite offering excellent image quality, have audio deficiencies.

The main reason for this problem lies in the ultra-thin design of modern televisions. As devices have become thinner, the space available for internal speakers has shrunk considerably. Smaller speakers cannot deliver satisfactory audio quality, especially when it comes to sound clarity and depth.

Solutions to improve the sound of your television

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve the audio quality of your television without immediately resorting to purchasing external equipment.

Change sound settings

A quick and easy way to improve sound is by browsing and adjusting your TV’s sound settings.

If you just bought your TV or have never changed the default settings, check what sound mode it is set to. Modes like “Standard” or “Clear Voice” often make dialogue more noticeable. Access your TV’s sound or audio settings menu to make these adjustments.

setting tv sound

Equalizer adjustment

If changing the sound mode isn’t enough, try adjusting the equalizer settings, which include the bass and treble levels.

Too much bass can make dialogue difficult to understand, while increasing the treble can make dialogue sound clearer.

However, too much treble can make the sound harsh. So find a balance in both settings to get a more balanced audio output.

Speaker location

If the speakers are too close to the wall, low frequencies can be amplified, causing a muddy sound that makes dialogue difficult to understand.

Try moving the speakers forward, away from the wall, to prevent low-frequency waves from reflecting and over-amplifying the bass.

Try different locations until you find the right distance that correctly balances the frequencies.

External speaker options

If the audio still hasn’t increased after adjusting your speaker settings and position, consider purchasing external speakers. Two popular options are sound bars and home theater systems.

Sound bars are an affordable and easy-to-install solution. They improve the sound quality of the television, providing clearer and deeper sound. While if you have a larger budget and want an immersive audio experience, a home theater system may be the best option. These systems include multiple speakers and a subwoofer, providing high-quality sound and a cinematic experience in the home. Although installation is more complex and requires more space, the results are often impressive.

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