Sleep Mode ends abruptly in Windows 11

Microsoft continues to add ads in Windows 11

  • Windows 11 now has Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud announcements and plans to add more
  • The “badge” function will display small advertising messages above the logout button
  • It is not clear if ads will be able to be disabled in the beta version

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft OneDrive cloud ads for some users and plans to add more ads in Windows 11. According to the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview 23435, Microsoft will include a new “Gallery” mode for File Explorer to make it easier to view.

However, it will also include a controversial advertising feature in the operating system called “badgage”, which will appear as small messages just above the logout button.

Since the last Windows 11 update, some users get ads on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud backup every time they click the Windows icon from the desktop.

More announcements in Windows 11

add ads windows 11
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Microsoft plans to add more ads to Windows 11, including an ad feature called “badgage” that will appear as small messages right above the sign-out button. These “no ads” will help users recognize the benefits of signing up for a Microsoft account and learn about all the services the company offers.

Currently, you can turn off ads in Windows 11 by going to Windows Settings, but it’s unclear if Microsoft will offer the same functionality when the beta changes go live.

Final words

The introduction of ads in Windows 11 is a highly controversial decision on the part of Microsoft. Although the ads can help the company to promote its services, it can also negatively affect the user experience.

In particular, OneDrive cloud ads and the “badge” feature are intrusive and could annoy users. Also, it’s unclear if Microsoft will offer the option to disable ads in the beta, which could be a problem for those who prefer a cleaner, ad-free user experience.

While it’s understandable that Microsoft wants to promote its services and increase its ad revenue, it’s important for the company to find a balance between monetization and user satisfaction. We hope Microsoft takes users’ concerns into account and provides clear options to disable ads in Windows 11.

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