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How much does a GB of mobile data cost in your country? Unveiling the global price gap

  • Due to the lack of competition in the telecommunications market, the United States and Canada lead the list of countries with the highest prices for mobile data.
  • Israel and Italy stand out as leaders in accessibility, offering mobile data at extremely low prices thanks to competition and investment in telecommunications infrastructure.

Access to mobile data has become an integral part of everyday life around the world. However, a recent international study has shed light on the differences in mobile data prices in each country around the world and the reasons behind these disparities.

As mobile Internet access becomes essential for work, education and communication, it is essential to understand how costs and accessibility vary in different countries.

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United States and Canada: High prices

The report reveals that the United States leads the list of countries with the highest prices for mobile data in the world, with an average cost of $6 per gigabyte. Even the most expensive data plan in the US reaches a staggering $83.33 per gig.

Canada, despite its geographical proximity to the United States, is not far behind either, with an average price of $5.37 per GB.

Why do these North American nations have such high costs? Part of the explanation lies in the concentration of the telecommunications market and the lack of competition in these countries.

Israel and Italy: Accessibility

On the other hand, Israel stands out as the country with the cheapest mobile Internet plans in the world, with an average cost of just $0.02 per gigabyte.

This is partly attributed to the high adoption of smartphones in the country and the presence of several operators with extensive 4G and 5G coverage.

Italy ranks as the second most affordable country for mobile Internet browsing, with an average mobile data cost of just $0.09 per GB.

Competition among a dozen carriers has boosted affordability, with plans offering data for as little as $0.03 per GB.

Top 10 countries for accessibility

In addition to Israel and Italy, other countries in the top 10 list in terms of accessibility include Fiji, San Marino, India, Pakistan, France and Colombia, all of which offer mobile data for $0.20 or less per GB on average.

These countries have implemented policies that encourage competition and investment in infrastructure, resulting in lower prices for consumers.

In the case of Spain, it is in position 42, with an average cost of $0.48 per GB of mobile data.

The most expensive countries for sailing

On the other hand, among the most expensive countries for mobile Internet browsing are Zimbabwe, the Falkland Islands, Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and Yemen.

The report highlights that nations with advanced telecommunications infrastructure and well-established 4G and 5G networks tend to offer more affordable mobile data.

In contrast, countries with saturated infrastructure and limited mobile data usage tend to have higher prices. Even rich countries with less developed wireless networks experience higher costs.

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