Enjoy the free Cocoon game in Xbox Game Pass

Cocoon the new and hottest PC and Xbox Game for free

Cocoon has always been a reference to Ron Howards’s movie of the 80s. The movie caused a huge sensation and stands as one of the timeless classics of science fiction even today. However, the newest videogame titled Cocoon from Annapurna Interactive is free and arrived to win the term over. You can enjoy it on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The most interesting feature about Cocoon is that the release was unnoticed. It’s of those games that quietly come to digital stores and gain recognition quickly through word of mouth. It’s a hidden gem currently drawing more and more users to it. In this article we explore the best way to enjoy Cocoon for free in PC and Xbox.

How to explore the world of Cocoon for free

Cocoon for free in Xbox Game Pass

The main secret of Cocoon’s popularity is that the game is free in Xbox Game Pass subscription. Since the release on September 29th, you can download it at no additional cost in your PC or Xbox console. If you pay the Ultimate version monthly you can enjoy the game on both systems. The main feature of this subscription method is that you can progress the game and save it in the cloud to continue playing on PC or Xbox.

Inshort, the “free” concept in Cocoon is relative because you are already paying for it on the subscription, but the monthly expense of Game Pass is relatively low. Annapurna Interactive launched a game that has already become a new classic.

Annapurna Interactive story

The developer has releaed several small games that become incredible treasures. Games like Stray, Storyteller, Honojum, The Pathless and the fantastic What Remains of Edith Finch are some of the works of this group. The newest game is a work by Jeppe Carslen, the same designer of titles like Inside and Limbo.

In Cocoon we control a creature that resembles a human with wings and an insect-like appearance. We must navigate the world solving puzzles, confronting final bosses and finding the way to travel between worlds in order to reach the end. The character can’t attack or jump and the gameplay is restricted. Instead, we can invoke an inner force that enables travelling between worlds and the activation of magical zones. The interface is minimalistic; we won’t have many hints about what to do. There’s no tutorial and the player must learn by experimenting and using intuition to submerge in the magic world of Cocoon.

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