How to share WiFi securely from your mobile

Tips to share WiFi securely and make it work better

Sharing WiFi from your mobile phone is very useful. Basically you create a WiFi network where you can connect a tablet, mobile phone or television. In order to share WiFi securely you must avoid errors that can expose security flaws or Internet performance.

When using these tips to share WiFi, you can protect your device and improve the range and performance of the network. The main objective is to create a WiFi network connection that makes the most out of your phone characteristics.

Share your WiFi securely

How to share WiFi securely and correctly

A clear example of needing Internet connection is when you travel by bus or train. There is no WiFi connection but we need to connect using the computer. What you can do is create a WiFi network with your data mobile Internet and share it easily. However, you should follow some steps before creating the network.

Set up the network security

First of all we need to prepare the network security measures. This is a requirement to avoid intruders into your WiFi network. It’s the same process as when setting the WiFi in your home router. You have to choose a good password, one that is long and uses several different characters such as numbers, letters or symbols. Do not use your name or important dates when choosing a password. That makes it easier for hackers to guess it. The protocol should be WPA-2 or better.

Optimize the signal

In order to share Internet your main device has to receive a good signal. The mobile phone needs good coverage in order to share the WiFi signal correctly. Avoid the insides of buildings or crowded zones to improve the Internet connection.

Sometimes you can try putting the phone away from the computer to improve the quality of the signal. You should go outside the room and use the phone as a router from a distance. This slightly improves the connection.

Use the correct WiFi bandwidth

You can share Internet through 2,4 GHz and or 5 GHz. The first one is good for connecting devices from a long distance but the speed is limited. The 5 GHz band is ideal to connect right next to the computer. Choosing the right band is the key to improve the connectivity for your computer.

Establish a data limit

In order to avoid expending all your data you can put a data consumption limit. The idea is to share up to certain amount of GB for your laptop navigation. You can set the limit in 1 or to GB for example, more than enough to watch videos and navigate.

As you can see, sharing WiFi securely from your mobile phone is easy. You just need to set a good password, select the location of your device for signal purposes and put a limit to the data you share.

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